Longwood Gardens Portrait Session | Heather

On Sunday November 17th, I got to photograph my friend Heather in one of my favorite places – Longwood Gardens.

For those who have never been there, Longwood Gardens is this epic majestic garden located in Kennett Square, PA. Throughout the year they have various exhibitions, displays, and fountain shows, each one more impressive than the next. You’d think after visiting the gardens as much as I have, it would have gotten old by now, but every time I go it’s always a unique experience. Plus, I absolutely love to shoot portrait sessions there, and I don’t always get the chance to. So when Heather agreed to let me take her portraits at Longwood Gardens Sunday morning, I jumped at the opportunity.

While the gardens aren't as full of life in the middle of November, they still made for a gorgeous backdrop for Heather's portraits. This is my second time shooting portraits in the off season at Longwood Gardens and I have yet to be disappointed. After bracing the cold for an hour of shooting, we made our way into the stunning conservatory and were able to capture just a few more portraits before heading back home.

I'm very thankful to have friends like Heather who are willing to brace the cold and help me to expand my portfolio and perfect my skills as a photographer. I met Heather through my husband a little over a year ago. While I haven't known Heather that long, she's become one of my closest friends, and I'm very grateful to have her in my life. Heather's one of those friends that's got your back no matter how long she's known you - she actually stepped in as a bridesmaid in my wedding at the very last minute, and severely helped out during the wedding festivities. I was really happy that I got to capture a few portraits of her this November, and honestly it was a blast just being able to hang out at Longwood Gardens for the morning catching up.

Check out some of the portraits from the session below!




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