Emily + Angel: Holiday Portrait Session at Samuel Lewis State Park

On Saturday December 7th, I had the opportunity to photograph my best friend and her boyfriend at Samuel S Lewis State Park in York County, PA.  When Emily initially asked me, I was insanely grateful to be able to capture their love story just in time for the holidays. As a photographer, I get to create so many memories for a multitude of people, so to be able to capture the special moments of my closest friends is always an honor and a privilege. 

Emily and I met during homeroom of our junior year of high school, and we connected through our countless road trips to random destinations - ranting about boys, school, work, and stupid drivers (and dancing and singing loudly to Katy Perry – for professional reasons, I won’t list the song name haha). While we’ve both had our fair share of life thrown our way, I’m thankful that we were still able to remain friends after all these years. 

It’s always a gamble when you introduce your best friend to one of your guy friends, because you never want to see anyone end up hurt and have it all come down on you. You pray that it all works out, but you’ll always have that twinge of worry. While that was the case when I initially introduced Emily and Angel, I found as time went on, I no longer had to worry, because Angel was the exact person that Emily needed in her life. He takes care of her in ways that I know she wasn't used to, and he pushes her out of her comfort zone so that she can become the best version of herself. Their personalities complement each other so well, and you can truly see the passion between the two in these photographs. 

I’ve honestly never seen Emily look at someone the way she looks at Angel, and I’ve never seen someone treat my best friend so well, and I will forever be thankful that she has also found her Angel (I had to). It sucks living so far apart, and not being able to see each other as much as we used to, but I know Emily is in good hands. And while life gets hard, and it can truly beat us down to our lowest points, I know that Angel will always be there to pick her back up if needed. 

These are the aspects of life that make my job as a photographer so incredible. Being able to capture these unique love stories, and the overall passion between two people is such an indescribable feeling. When I’m behind the camera, watching my couples snuggle up on a cold winter day, whispering cute things in each other’s ears to get a genuine laugh, I feel a sense of purpose. Something inside my soul ignites, and it reminds me that this… this right here… was what I was put on this earth to do. I was born to create memories. I was born to share love stories. I was born to share laughter and happiness. I was born to make the day to day aspects of life truly and breathtakingly beautiful. I was born to be a photographer.

To Emily and Angel - I love you guys so much, and it was truly an honor to be able to take these photos for you. I hope to be able to capture more of your special moments in the future!