Introductions are always so awkward, but this is me! And the stunning photo above is my husband and I, with all of our closest friends on our wedding day. 

I guess you could say after my own wedding, I was inspired to shift my photography over to a more adventure-style theme. As someone who loves hiking and exploring unique and interesting places, it just made sense. 


I dream of someday traveling across the country (or even the world) to capture people's most creative and majestic elopements. But for now, I enjoy exploring every little crevice of Central Pennsylvania in hopes of finding new locations for portrait sessions.


Life is one hell of an adventure, and I truly believe that photographs help us to share our story with the world. This right here is just a glimpse into my world. It's full of my own little crazy adventures, with some of the best people, and so many amazing stories. I never thought that when I brought my rinky dink camera to that airsoft field in 2011 that I'd end up here, but life surprises you in some of the best ways. I have met so many inspiring people through photography, and honestly it's one of the best parts of my job. 



If it's not super obvious, I'm an avid hiker. I spent my childhood hiking around Central PA with my family, and I guess you can say it just kinda stuck with me. I'm a sucker for any hikes with waterfalls and/or gorgeous views.


This probably goes hand in hand with the whole "love for hiking" thing, but I felt like this needed its own category. Everyone has some sort of bucket list full of adventures, and trust me, I do too. But I make an effort to see the adventure in the every day stuff too. 


Music has always been a huge part of my life - from growing up listening to 90's rock bands in my dad's old LeMans, to jamming out with my best friend on random adventures, to attending a stupid amount of concerts. 


My friends are honestly my world. I don't know where I'd be without their constant love and support. I know a lot of people say this, but I could not have asked for better people to live this life with.  I don't think I tell them that enough. 


Family can be such a broad term, but to me it's all of the people that make you feel like home. I'm very grateful for the family that I've created - with my husband, my kitties, my friends, but I'm also very thankful for the family that I was born into. 


Yes, you can be passionate about chocolate. Just like you can be passionate about Mac and Cheese. I'm a severe chocoholic, and it is most definitely a problem. But hey, that's why I hike and run and stuff, right?




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