I'm Alicia - the heart and soul behind Alicia Rivera Photography. I was born and raised here in Lancaster County, PA.


I love exploring the many hidden gems here in PA, but I yearn to travel to all of the beautiful places around the world (mostly the ones with tall mountains and gorgeous views). In 2019, my husband and I visited my number one bucket list destination - Italy. I fell in love with the beautiful mountains in Lake Como, and the Italian Alps literally took my breath away. My next destination over seas is Ireland (fun fact - one of my photography bucket list items is to shoot an elopement in Ireland). 

When I'm not behind my camera, I'm usually spending time with my husband and our closest friends, or out wandering around on a hiking trail somewhere. Or maybe even snuggled up with my cats - Winston and Archie. 

While I'm not one of those photographers that can say that I picked up a camera at the age of five and fell in love instantly, I can say that looking back on my life, all of the pieces came together as they should have. What I mean by that is - all of my passions, the things that make me feel alive, the things that bring me joy... they all lead me to a life in photography.


I love hearing people's stories - who they are and how they got to where they are now, how they fell in love, how they overcame a huge struggle, the little quirks that make them unique. What's amazing about photography is it allows me to share those stories with the world. Whether that's the whole world, or just your world, your story deserves to have it's place, and my job is to make your story come to life. Whether it's capturing your big moments, or your small moments, it's my mission as your photographer to create photographs that accentuate YOU.